Nigeria – a colorful, vibrant and divers country in West Africa

With a population of over 160  million people, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and the 8th most populated one in the world. It’s population is made up of about 200 ethnic groups. Apart from the official language (English) over 30 other languages are spoken in the country. 7% of the world’s languages is spoken in Nigeria. Not just the ethnic groups but the religions are diversified too. Beside the major religions, the Islam and Christian, there are several indigenous believers as well.

Apart from the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity Nigeria’s geographical features are worth mentioning too. The country’s name was derived from Africa’s longest river, Niger, which covers a distance of about 2600 miles. Having a wide variety of climatic conditions, Nigeria is rich in varied natural resources. The country’s exciting wildlife may attract nature lovers, who are interested in going on safari tours. We should also mention the fact that Nigeria is the home of the largest diversity of butterflies.

Out of the various minerals found in the country the oil has a great importance. Nigeria is the biggest oil exporter in Africa. As it is a member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the petroleum plays an important role in the country’s economy.

Being the land of most diversified opportunities in Africa, Nigeria shows a great development in education too. Organ state is one of the states which has the highest number of universities in Nigeria. The transportation is another strong point of the country.

With all these natural resources, attractions, infrastructural and educational developments, cultural and ethnical diversities Nigeria is a country surely worth visiting.


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